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Who would benefit from cycling tuition at Leith Cycle Co?

Children learning to ride. Sometimes bit of tuition can excellerate the childs learning so that parents can concentrate on the fun stuf. Children will often respond better to an instructor than they do to thier parents.

Adults learning to ride.  Don't be shy, it's ok to learn at any time in your life. Cycling will open your world up and help to keep you physically and mentally in shape.

Adults needing a bit of road confidence. The road is only scary if you don't know how to handel it, where to put yourself and how to inform the drivers of your intended actions. We can help you love the road and choose routes that suit you.

Children needing a skills top up. You may have a child that is about to do Bikeability at school but isn't quite there yet or perhaps your child hasn't cycled for a while and you want to get thier confidence up prior to a familly trip or holidy. 

If you would like to book a session please call or email us for more details.